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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

Blues-Rock Trio Will and the Won’ts Releases Track "Get Out"

New Single "Wake Up Clean"/"Get Out" Available On VINYL!

"Will and the Won'ts combine a bit of baby-boomer era rock ‘n roll, folk and country with the deep roots of americana. That isn’t to say it sounds dated, anything but. Their version has a modern edge which mainly comes through in the way they arrange their songs" (Write.Click.Cook.Listen).

The three members managed to find each other amongst the traffic, beaches, mountains, and bustling music scene of Los Angeles and combine a mutual love of influences ranging from The Avett Brothers, Jack White to Creedence Clearwater Revival.  While studying at the Musicians Institute, Will Risbourg (vocals/guitar), Andrew Bilotti (drums/vocals), and Gui Bodi (bass/vocals) found camaraderie beyond the classroom in 2010 and settled as a three-piece in January 2014. Shortly thereafter, the band recorded their first single "Wake Up Clean" and follow up, "Get Out."

Will And The Won'ts - Wake Up Clean

Pick up your copy at WillAndTheWonts.bandcamp


from our friends at Relaspe

Relapse Records Announces 25th Anniversary Plans

Renowned independent metal label Relapse Records will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary throughout 2015. Originally founded by Matthew Jacobson in 1990, the label quickly became one of the most celebrated and influential independent labels in heavy music history. The label has big plans for the monumental anniversary including numerous special releases, events and partnerships all year long.

Founder Matt Jacobson commented on the occasion:
"In 1990 I started Relapse as a teenager in my parents’ basement. It was a dream with a simple mission: to share the music that I was so passionate about with as many people as possible.  Over the course of 25 years we have had the honor of working with a diverse array of amazing artists and releasing a vast catalog of incredible records that includes numerous influential and genre defining albums. We are very proud that we have been able to bring the music that we love to a global audience."

First and foremost, Relapse will be reissuing a significant amount of classic and underground titles from throughout the label's history on deluxe vinyl. Albums from artists like Mastodon, Nile, Dillinger Escape Plan, Neurosis, Amorphis, Incantation, Human Remains, and many many more will get the deluxe reissue treatment after being long out-of-print or never-before-available on wax. Additionally, a special, super limited silver colored vinyl of every record released/reissued in 2015 will be made available exclusively from

Relapse will be publicly celebrating its silver anniversary at next year's Maryland Death Fest alongside current and former Relapse artists Amorphis (playing Tales From The Thousand Lakes in its entirety), Obituary, Neurosis, Suffocation, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Cephalic Carnage, Primitive Man, YOB, Tombs, Devourment, Origin, Skinless, Inverloch, Inter Arma, Serpentine Path, and Noisear.   More information on the festival is available here.

Stay tuned for more news and information on Relapse's 25th anniversary including special reissues, events, new lines of merch, and much more!


vinyl news from the uk:

UK Indie Stores Get In The Spirit Of Vinyl With “12 Days Of Christmas”

Universal Music UK is offering independent music retailers a unique seasonal boost in the form of 12 exclusive vinyl releases set to hit the shelves from December 1st through December 13th.

The “12 Days of Christmas” initiative includes gems from the Universal Music catalog such as a heavyweight etched and numbered 7” of The Who’s Be Lucky – never previously available on vinyl – and a special limited release of The Beatles’ Long Tall Sally which is back on 7” vinyl 50 years after it was first released.

Also available are a picture disc version of Imagine Dragons’ multi-million selling debut album Night Vision and a 12" picture disc including an exclusive song from 5 Seconds of Summer. The promotion also includes a UK exclusive 7” from Weezer, a limited edition 12” from Metallica and two new songs from St Vincent pressed on a 10-inch disc in a die-cut, foil-embossed sleeve.

Around half the releases are being brought into the campaign via the US Black Friday promotion, but the rest are exclusive to the UK. Many are set to become instant collectors’ items as all are available in limited quantities.

The full line up includes:

Metallica, Lords of Summer 12” - December 1st
The Beatles, Long Tall Sally 7” - December 2nd
Tim Hardin, Tim Hardin 1 & 2 LPs - December 3rd
Wings, Let Em In/Beware My Love 7” - December 4th
Bon Jovi, Live 2 10” - December 5th
5 Seconds of Summer , Picture disc LP - December 6th
St. Vincent, Pieta/Sparrow 10” - December 8th
Weezer, Back to the Shack 7” - December 9th
Shirley Collins/Davy Graham, Folk Roots, New Roots LP - December 10th
Wings, Letting Go 7” - December 11th
Imagine Dragons, Night Vision picture disc LP - December 12th
The Who, Be Lucky 7” - December 13th

The managing director of Universal’s commercial UK division states:   “At a time of the year when many retailers are focussed on high volume Christmas releases we thought it was important to do something special for the indie stores who are important to us 52 weeks a year."

Merry Christmas indeed!


upcoming releases from our friends at MusicOnVinyl


The Soundtrack to the comedy drama St. Vincent (starring Academy Award® nominees Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts), is an irresistible compilation of evergreens and newer hits – including songs from Bob Dylan, The National, and Jefferson Airplane. This 2 LP At The Movies release is a very interesting package: next to presenting the song soundtrack, we've also included the Original Score by Theodore Shapiro on a second disc. Each copy of the first pressing is individually numbered and pressed on blue marbled vinyl.

The soundtrack album includes classics from the 1960s and 1970s, such as Bob Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm" from the 1975 album Blood On The Tracks. Tweedy provides two songs: the funky "Everybody Hides" and the laid-back "Why, Why, Why". In between comes a contrasting classic, the straight-hitting vocals of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love". This was the band's first and biggest hit, a single from the album Surrealistic Pillow in 1967.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Including 2 inserts
  • 2 LP set contains the Original Score by Theodore Shapiro + the Soundtrack featuring Tweedy, Bob Dylan, The National and Jefferson Airplane
  • First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on (light & dark) blue marbled vinyl


Take A Look In The Mirror is the sixth studio album by American Nu-Metal band Korn, released in 2003. It is the first album self-produced by the band. Korn explained that they wanted fans to hear the music as it should be. They returned to a more aggressive sound as featured on their earlier albums, with guitarists Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer mostly utilizing thick, heavy distortion and the occasional clean tones for contrast. The album peaked at number 9 of the Billboard 200 album charts and was certified platinum.

The track "Did My Time" was previously released as a single for the movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. The single debuted and peaked at number thirty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Korn's first top-forty hit in the United States. "Did My Time" gave Korn another Grammy nomination in the Best Metal Performance category. The track "Right Now" was accompanied by a provocative cartoon video animated by Spike and Mike.

The album also contains a reworked and re-recorded version of the track "Alive", which had previously only been released on the band's first demo, Neidermeyer's Mind. The track "Play Me" features rapper Nas, making Take A Look In The Mirror the first Korn album since Follow The Leader to feature such a collaboration. Jonathan Davis plays bagpipes on "Let's Do This Now", marking the return of a tradition that has previous to the album, only been absent on Untouchables.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Insert
  • First pressing of 2000 numbered copies on silver transparent vinyl


"Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination." The 1986 animated feature film The Transformers: The Movie was based on the animated TV series by the same name. The film was directed by Nelson Shin, who produced the original Transformers television series, and features the voices of Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Casey Kasem, Robert Stack, Lionel Stander, John Moschitta, Jr., Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. It also marked the final roles for both Orson Welles, who died just days after his last voice recording session for the film, and Scatman Crothers, who died months after its release.

Set to a soundtrack of synth-based incidental music and hard-driving metal music, composed by Vince DiCola, the movie has a decidedly darker tone than the television series. Stan Bush's song "The Touch", which prominently featured in the film, was originally written for the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra.

The movie also feature other well known songs including "Instruments of Destruction" by NRG, Stan Bush's song "Dare", two songs by Spectre General, "Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way", "Hunger" as well as "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Dare to Be Stupid". The Transformers theme song for the movie was performed by the band Lion.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Soundtrack of the classic 1986 Transformers movie
  • First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl

Turkey Shoot Soundtrack Available Via DeathWaltz

The notorious 1982 Australian film, Turkey Shoot (Also known as Escape 2000 in the US and Blood Camp Thatcher in the UK) has long been considered the ultimate of Australian Video Nasties. Set in a dystopian future where a totalitarian regime imprison a group of ‘deviants’ to a high security prison destined for rehabilitation and social re-programming. The story involves the group of inmates fleeing from the camp controlled by the draconian warden, a sadistic alopecic henchmen and a bizarrely scripted lycanthropic carnival-mutant…shall we read on..? Produced by Antony I Ginnane’s F.G films (Patrick, Thirst, Snapshot etc…) together with British actor David Hemming (Blow Up, Fragment of Fear, Deep Red), the film was aesthetically influenced by the brutality and savagery of Italian sub-genre cinema, (ie Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal films and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie films), as well as borrowing the central theme from the 1932 film The Most Dangerous Game. Scored by renowned Australian film composer Brian May (Mad Max, Patrick, The Day After Halloween), the predominantly electronic soundtrack hints stylistically to brooding horror-synth of John Carpenter, the mutant patchbay of Gil Melle’s soundtrack The Andromeda Strain as well as some of the sonic characteristics found in Italian B-cinema (Fabio Frizzi & Goblin). Pulsing synth oscillations and pounding percussion together with inspired sound design all encapsulate the confused and claustrophobic human big-game hunt.

Yellow vinyl only 200 worldwide exclusive to Death Waltz

Order at DeathWaltzRecordingCompany

Chain Reaction Soundtrack Available Via DeathWaltz

Described as ‘Mad Max meets the China Syndrome’, the 1980 Australian film The Chain Reaction is an often overlooked entry in the highly venerated Ozploitation Genre. A nuclear disaster themed thrill ride into early 80s Australiana and industrial paranoia. Sitting alongside Night Of Fear (1972) and Turkey Shoot (1982) in the outlandish canon of Australian B-cinema from the 1970s and 80s The Chain Reaction includes its fair share of gratuitous nudity, ocker attitude and souped up vehicular carnage, but also carries a skilled visual style and strong environmental message that sets it apart from its less cerebral counterparts. Composed by unsung composer Andrew Thomas Wilson, the soundtrack is a forgotten piece of 1980s electronic film scoring. A clash between driving electropop and the ominous dirge of John Carpenter’s The Thing and The Fog soundtracks. Layers of icy modular Synth and proto techno rhythms serve as the backdrop to the explosive biological-apocalyptic meltdown.

Milky clear vinyl with Red haze only 200 worldwide exclusive to Death Waltz

Order at DeathWaltzRecordingCompany


Gene Clark 'Two Sides To Every Story' Vinyl Reissue

Two Sides To Every Story, the criminally long out-of-print solo album from founding Byrds member, Gene Clark, finally returns to vinyl. 35 years after its initial 1977 release on RSO, High Moon Records re-mastered, 180-gram audiophile vinyl LP is presented in stunningly rich and crisp audio fidelity that will shed new light on this underrated, beautifully-crafted Gene Clark classic. The album was produced by Thomas Jefferson Kaye, producer of Clark’s masterpiece, No Other, and features an all–star cast of musical co-conspirators: singer Emmylou Harris, banjo-virtuoso Douglas Dillard (The Byrds, Dillard & Clark), Country violin legend Byron Berline, guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell), and pedal-steel ace Al Perkins (Flying Burrito Brothers, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones).

Gene Clark served as The Byrds chief songwriter in the mid-sixties, penning some of their most essential songs, including “Feel a Whole Lot Better,” “Eight Miles High” and “You Showed Me.” Clark’s inimitable songwriting and singing continue to inspire and influenced countless artists. Among them: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (who recorded TWO of his compositions on their 2010 Grammy® winning Album Of The Year, Raising Sand ), Bob Dylan, Fairport Convention, REM, Tom Petty, Yo La Tengo, the Flamin’ Groovies, Teenage Fanclub, and Wilco.
  • 180-gram vinyl LP, packaged in state-of-the-art tip-on sleeve with 11” x 11” full-color 16-page book.
  • LP & CD Bonus Tracks on exclusive High Moon Records Download card.
  • Liner notes by John Einarson, author of the acclaimed Gene Clark biography, Mr. Tambourine Man.
  • Never-before-seen Two Sides To Every Story album session photos by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame photographer Ed Caraeff.
  • Meticulously re-mastered by multi-Grammy® Award nominee Dan Hersch (Paul Simon, the Kinks,  the Cars).
  • Mastered for vinyl by multi-Grammy® Award winner Doug Sax (Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Who).
Order at HighMoonRecords

Love 'Black Beauty' Vinyl Reissue                            

Black Beauty, the never-before-released masterpiece by Arthur Lee’s legendary band Love is making its first-ever official release in any format, anywhere! Chosen as one of Time Magazine’s most anticipated releases, critics are hailing the album as an instant classic. Black Beauty is that rarest of rock artifacts: an un-released, full-length studio album, from an undisputed musical genius. It represents the missing link in a catalog that also includes Forever Changes, the seminal 1967 Love album the New York Times called “one of the most affecting and beguiling albums of all time.” With Black Beauty, Arthur Lee manages to combine searing ’70’s rock with gorgeous melodies and stellar songwriting – topped off by his most distinctive, snarling, soulful vocals ever. With unparalleled sound, and a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs, the album offers Love fans a rare glimpse into a previously undocumented phase of Arthur Lee’s career, while shining a light for new fans to discover the unique genius that is the music of Arthur Lee and Love. David Fricke wrote about the album in Rolling Stone: “Black Beauty might have been received as a strong comeback for Lee, a turn to steamy R & B, with heavy-guitar punch — if it had come out.” High Moon Records is honored to finally grant Arthur Lee’s wish for Black Beauty to be available to music fans worldwide.
  • 180-gram vinyl LP, packaged in state-of-the-art tip-on sleeve with 11” x 11” full-color, 28-page book with download card for High Quality MP3s.
  • Extensive Black Beauty essay by Ben Edmonds (Creem, Rolling Stone, Mojo), featuring all-new interviews with band members, colleagues and close friends of Arthur Lee.
  • Abundant, never-before-seen Black Beauty-era photographs by Herbert Worthington, cover photographer of Fleetwood Mac’s  Rumours.
  • Brilliantly re-mastered by multi-Grammy® Award  nominee Dan Hersch (Paul Simon, the Kinks, the Cars).
  • Mastered for vinyl by multi-Grammy® Award winner Doug Sax (Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Who).
Order at HighMoonRecords


Hell Militia 'Jacob's Ladder' Vinyl Release

HELL MILITIA are back with a vengeance! Recorded in Germany’s SOS Studio (SECRETS OF THE MOON, ASCENSION), “Jacob’s Ladder” delivers 8 stunning tracks of disturbing French Black Metal.

Since its founding in the year 1999 by lead guitarist T. Persecutor, the band has been a rising dark star in the underground scene. Now their third full-length “Jacob’s Ladder” bursts unto the world like a black supernova. The French masterfully achieve a unification of old school values such as a harsh and fierce yet accessible song writing with the new dissonant and ruptured sound which is especially explored in their homeland by bands like DEATHSPELL OMEGA or BLUT AUS NORD. This comes as no surprise as members of HELL MILITIA are also active in bands such as ARKHON INFAUSTUS, SECRETS OF THE MOON or TEMPLE OF BAAL. Taste the extremely bitter universe of HELL MILITIA filled with urban filth!

Transparent red disc limited to 200 copies!

Order at Season-Of-Mist

Floor - Oblation + The Ladder / Diamond Daves Are Forever

The bonus 7" EP includes 2 exclusive tracks which are not on the album. FLOOR are back! In the wake of their self-titled debut album ‘Floor’ (2002), Anthony Vialon (guitars, vocals), Steve Brooks (guitars, vocals) and Henry Wilson (drums) present ‘Oblation’. Adding a dose of doom and a dash of drone, this new opus perfectly encapsulates FLOOR’s trademark desert rock feeling of shimmering heat, the pound and stomp of heavy engines, and a burning taste of diesel in the air. CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou mixed the album at GodCity Studios (TORCHE, KVELERTAK, HIGH ON FIRE) and the mastering was done by Alan Douches (BARONESS, BLACK TUSK, MOTÖRHEAD). Lean back, crank up and sacrifice to the gods of stoner rock with this mighty ‘Oblation’.

Purple 12" LP with blue, mint and grey splatters, limited to 400 copies!

Order at Season-Of-Mist


Pre-Order Bayside's 'Cult White Edition'

Bayside proudly support the Human Rights Campaign. With your purchase of this special vinyl edition of Cult, Bayside and Sub City will make a donation to The Human Rights Campaign.

The collectible vinyl edition of Bayside's Cult includes:

• Two 12" LPs in Hopeless D2C Exclusive Preorder Color Transparent Red (Initial Pressing: 1300 units worldwide)
• Cult + 4 additional rare/unreleased tracks, including the brand new song "Dancing Like An Idiot"
• Gatefold Packaging
• Folded collectible, double-sided poster (24" x 36")

The Human Rights Campaign represents a force of nearly 2 million members and supporters nationwide. As the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

For more information, please visit

PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship shortly before the album release date of 3/3/2015

Pre-Order at HopelessRecords


from our friends at SlyVinyl (look for their feed in the left column!)

The Memories – Hot Afternoon // Limited to 400 Colored Vinyl LPs

Massive Attack – Mezzanine // Limited to 1000 Black Vinyl 2xLP


interesting observations:

Vinyl, CD, MP3, Streaming, 8-Track — Which Is Best?


fantastic vinyl story out of singapore

Gold in that groove


Spiritualized Treat 'Amazing Grace' and 'Songs in A&E' to Vinyl Reissues


David O. Russell Invites Us Inside His Musical Mind for 'American Hustle' Vinyl Giveaway


Meet the Mind Behind Foo Fighters' Trippy 'Sonic Highways' Album Cover - Illustrator Stephan Martiniere discusses the inspiration behind his metropolis mash-up


GRIMEY'S BEST SELLERS 11/10 - 11/16, 2014

Vinyl Top 25

1. Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways
2. Pink Floyd - Endless River
3. Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy
4. The Paperhead - Africa Avenue
5. Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
6. Fly Golden Eagle - Quartz Bijou
7. Jack White - Would You Fight For My Love 7"
8. Modest Mouse - This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
9. Richard Hawley - Richard Hawley
10. Jenny Lewis - The Voyager
11. Hozier - Hozier
12. Jason Isbell - Southeastern
13. Richard Hawley - Lowedges
14. Richard Hawley - Late Night Final
15. Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther
16. Music Band - I Was Like 7"
17. Deerhoof - La Isla Bonita
18. Foxygen - And Star Power
19. Led Zeppelin - IV
20. Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
21. Colony House - When I Was Younger
22. The Black Keys - Turn Blue
23. The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Christmas
24. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
25. Bon Iver - For Emma Forever Ago


for shits and giggles:

24 Horrible Album Covers You’ll Wish You Never Saw


album cover art of the day:

Artwork, Track List For New Album "Wardens Of The West Wind" Unveiled By Wind Rose

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Ask Mr. Music by Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I have seen many Coral label records, by numerous artists, where the orchestration is by Dick Jacobs and His Orchestra. The McGuire Sisters and Billy Williams are just two examples of artists backed by Mr. Jacobs. He also had several big hits on his own.

Dick may be the best known Jacobs, but there are others, including Hank Jacobs and Debbie Jacobs.

What intrigues me is that my last name, Jacob, doesn't seem to be shared by anyone who ever had a hit record, not from any time or in any style of music.

This despite it not being all that rare as a family name.

Now I'm wondering if a Jacob ever even made a record.
—Larry Jacob, Auburn Hills, Mich.

DEAR LARRY: You've obviously done your research.

Jacob is far more commonly found as a first name than a last name. Still, one of my sources estimates 30,000 to 35,000 in the U.S. join you by having Jacob as their family name.

You'd think one of those folks might have come up with a hit record, but none did.

As for anyone named Jacob being featured on a U.S. record, there are a couple of fellows who did accomplish that.

First came Tim Jacob, whose 1969 "Mercy Baby" (Solo 1972) was pretty much ignored at the time but has since become popular with soul music collectors.

Scarcity and demand have elevated this single to the $200 to $300 range.

Shortly after Tim's recording, Donald Jacob got his chance for a hit, not once but twice.

Circa-1970, Donald waxed "She Kept Chewing Gum" (Lanor 613), then in 1987 with "Ladies, I'm for Hire" (Maison De Soul 1040).

Neither sold well, but either one can still be found for under $10.

I wonder if your folks ever considered naming you Jacob Jacob.

DEAR JERRY: There is a cut on one of my Johnny Horton LPs titled "Smokey Joe's Barbecue," with a rockabilly flavor to it.

Problem is it's driving me crazy, because the music is incredibly similar to another Horton tune, at least in parts, that I just can't identify.

Give it a listen and let me know if I'm right or wrong.
—Melissa Chapman, Bozeman, Mont.

DEAR MELISSA: I listened and you're right. Now I suppose you want the rest of the story.

"Smokey Joe's Barbecue," especially the chorus, is nearly identical to Johnny's 1958 rockabilly classic, "Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor."

For the record, Horton recorded "Smokey Joe's Barbecue" in 1951, long before "Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor." Why it was not issued as a single is somewhat of a mystery.

In closing, I applaud your use of "barbecue" and "flavor" in the same tasty sentence.

DEAR JERRY: During a televised tribute to Whitney Houston, the comment was made that she had more No. 1 hits than any other recording artist.

Unless I didn't hear it right, I don't see how she could possibly outrank either the Beatles or Elvis in this department.

Did they simply get it wrong, or did I just misinterpret their comment?
—Lionel Ferguson, Hammond, Ind.

DEAR LIONEL: Having not heard the same source you did, I can't answer your specific question. What I can do for you is provide the facts.

Houston is credited with 11 No. 1 singles, slightly more than one-half the 20 for the Beatles and 18 for Presley, making it unlikely this would have been their claim.

If what they actually stated is that Whitney had the most consecutive No. 1 hits on Billboard, that would be correct, though not by much over the runners-up.

Her impressive run began in October 1985 with "Saving All My Love for You," and continued with "How Will I Know" (1986); "Greatest Love of All" (1986); "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (1987); "Didn't We Almost Have It All" (1987); "So Emotional" (1988); and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" (1988).

With that seventh straight chart-topper, Whitney squeezed past the Beatles (1964-1966) and the Bee Gees (1977-1979). Both of these super groups had six consecutive No. 1s.

Right behind them are Elvis Presley (1959-1961), the Supremes (1964-1965), and Michael Jackson (1987-1988), each with five.

IZ ZAT SO? When it comes to consecutive No. 1 hits in the vinyl era, the pop and R&B totals are about the same, but some of the chart stats in country music are in fact off the charts.

Having seven straight No. 1s, as did Whitney Houston, wouldn't even get you in the Top 10 with the country crowd.

Amazingly, the seven longest streaks are all by men with double-digit totals:

1. Alabama (21 from 1980-1987)
2. (Tie) Sonny James (16 from 1967-1971)
2. (Tie) Earl Thomas Conley (16 from 1983-1989)
3. Buck Owens (15 from 1963-1967)
4. (Tie) Conway Twitty (11 from 1974-1977)
4. (Tie) George Strait (11 from 1986-1989)
5. Ronnie Milsap (10 from 1980-1983)

Jerry Osborne answers as many questions as possible through this column.  Write Jerry at: Box 255, Port Townsend, WA 98368  E-mail:   Visit his Web site:

All values quoted in this column are for near-mint condition. 

Copyright 2014 Osborne Enterprises - Reprinted By Exclusive Permission 

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Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

from our friends at SoundStageDirect

The Album Collection Volume 1 1973-1984 (On Sale)  by Bruce Springsteen

“Last Thursday, at the Harvard Square theatre, I saw my rock'n'roll past flash before my eyes. And I saw something else: I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen. And on a night when I needed to feel young, he made me feel like I was hearing music for the very first time.” --Jon Landau, The Real Paper, May 22, 1974

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings will release Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984, a boxed set comprised of remastered editions of the first seven albums recorded and released by Bruce Springsteen for Columbia Records between 1973 and 1984. All of the albums are newly remastered and all seven are making their remastered debut on vinyl.

The seven albums are recreations of their original packaging and the set is accompanied by a 60-page book featuring rarely-seen photos, memorabilia and original press clippings from Springsteen’s first decade as a recording artist.

Acclaimed engineer Bob Ludwig, working with Springsteen and longtime engineer Toby Scott, has remastered these albums, all newly transferred from the original analogue masters using the Plangent Process playback system. Albums included:

•Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (1973) 
•The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle (1973) 
•Born To Run (1975) 
•Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978) 
•The River (1980) 
•Nebraska (1982) 
•Born In The U.S.A. (1984)

First 7 Albums Recorded & Released For Columbia Records Between 1973 and 1984
Newly Remastered From Original Analogue Masters By Acclaimed Engineer Bob Ludwig
Recreations Of Original Packaging & Accompanied By A 60-Page Book

Order at SoundStageDirect

Nothing Has Changed by David Bowie

Collects Together For The First Time The Definitive Collection Of Bowie's Music From 1964 To 2014
NOTHING HAS CHANGED released by Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings collects together for the first time the definitive collection of Bowie's music from 1964 to 2014.

Fifty years on from his first recordings, David Bowie continues to be at the vanguard of contemporary culture as a musician, artist, icon and a nonpareil to generations of writers, artists and fashionistas. He remains to be a unique presence in contemporary culture.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED (named after a lyric from the 'Heathen' album opener 'Sunday') compiles tracks from every period of Bowie's career from his earliest incarnations with 'Liza Jane' and 'Can't Help Thinking About Me' right up to James Murphy's 'Hello Steve Reich Mix' of 'Love Is Lost' from last year.

The album features Bowie's first new music since he stunned the world with the critically lauded 'THE NEXT DAY'. The new single 'SUE (or IN A SEASON OF CRIME)' was especially recorded for NOTHING HAS CHANGED with long time collaborator Tony Visconti.

Alongside the brand new track NOTHING HAS CHANGED features the previously unreleased 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' from the 'TOY' sessions, the download only 'Your Turn To Drive' making its debut on CD and the stunning 2001 re-recording of the 1971 outtake 'Shadow Man'.

Order at SoundStageDirect

This Week's Bestselling Vinyl Records at SoundStageDirect

1. Pink Floyd - The Endless River (On Sale)
2. Ryan Adams - Do You Laugh When You Lie? (Pre-Order)
3. Houses Of The Holy (On Sale)
4. Led Zeppelin IV (On Sale)
5. MFSL Original Master Record Sleeves (50)
6. Various Artists - Forrest Gump (20th Anniversary Soundtrack)
7. Foo Fighter - Sonic Highways (On Sale)
8. Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition) (On Sale)


Dough Rollers - Gone Baby Gone 12" EP Available Via ThirdManRecords 

The Dough Rollers formed in 2009 when Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrne first decided to put their passion for American roots music to work by trying their hand at earnest, neo-revivalism. But, of course, after three years of touring and the addition of Graham Norwood on bass and Kyle Olson on drums, their sound evolved, loosening, snarkening, and darkening. These days, in large part to Ford's hellbent hollering, our boys occupy the sometimes salty, sometimes sweet spot smack dab in between rock and soul. They've toured with the likes of Bob Dylan and Queens of the Stone Age, which, one way or another, led them to Nashville in 2013 to record a 7'' vinyl single for our Blue Series. The result was one of the finest guitar explosions we've ever pressed on wax and a pivotal entry in their discography. Their latest effort, Gone Baby Gone, was recorded with QOTSA's Josh Homme producing, and their swampy new swagger fully realized. It's the work of band that, after all this time and effort, understands their place in the American rock scene.

"I like this kid's style. It's more in the simplistic realm of guitar playing. He's not trying to knock you over."- Jack White

Gone Baby Gone
Mansion on a Hill
Friend of Mine
My Love
Garbage Salad

Order at ThirdMan


WILCO - Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994–2014 (4-LP Set)

Nonesuch Records will release two new Wilco collections on November 17 in conjunction with the influential Chicago band’s 20th anniversary: Alpha Mike Foxtrot, a 4-CD/4-LP/digital-box-set of rare studio and live recordings collected from the band’s extensive audio archives, and What’s Your 20?, is a 2-CD/digital compilation of essential tracks culled from the band’s previously released studio recordings. (Release date outside of North America: December 1.)

Both collections are produced by Grammy-nominated producer Cheryl Pawelski, co-founder of Omnivore Recordings, whose credits include Big Star’s Keep an Eye on the Sky, The Band’s A Musical History, and Townes Van Zandt’s Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions and Demos 1971–1972. These are the first compilations of Wilco music of any kind.

“Like a lot of fans, I had collected these straggling tracks over the past two decades of following Wilco’s every move,” Pawelski said. “Alpha Mike Foxtrot includes almost every unique, essential performance that appeared on soundtracks, tribute albums and B-sides—and there are probably a few surprises for even the sharpest collector. This set presents an alternate history of the band, kind of a sideways view, and ultimately, it’s a super-fun listening experience.”

Alpha Mike Foxtrot features 36 pages of liner notes that include track-by-track recollections from Tweedy, notes by band members Nels Cline and John Stirratt, and reflections from members of Wilco’s extended professional family. The booklet also showcases dozens of archival and never-before-seen photos from a wide array of photographers chronicling all phases of the band’s career.

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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of San Francisco’s most iconic street punk staples, REDUCERS S.F. and their long-time friends Pirates Press Records have put it ALL together for the ultra collector, or any fresh-cut, all the same. Packing all three LP’s and even a bonus 12” of demos, live material, B-sides and more, this is truly the essentials, and all anyone needs to figure out why this band is so integral to the Bay Area street punk / Oi! scene.

From (timeless) scathing critiques of gentrification in the Bay to drinks out with your friends at the pub, REDUCERS S.F. cover it all, and capture it all, in a real, believable, gritty and ultimately nostalgic way.

The three highly-acclaimed LP’s have and continue to speak for themselves, remastered, and reissued as part of this collection, they are sure to bring back wonderful memories for some, and undoubtedly help other people make new ones as well.

Including both released and unreleased demos from ’95-’97 with their original lead singer Jim Martinez, live tracks from their ’01 gig with ANGELIC UPSTARTS, and other very hard-to-find recordings, the bonus record (only available in this set) is an absolute must-have for all the super-fans; of which there are many...

Reforming (hopefully permanently this time) to play to their home crowd during Pirates Press’ 10th Anniversary weekend, and releasing this impressive package at the same time, will only serve to further reinforce how important this band is to their city, their scene, and beyond…

This deluxe slipcase includes all three full lengths, the bonus 12”, all on colored vinyl; Plus a full digital download for all of it!

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Angels and Airwaves 'We Don't Need to Whisper' Available Via ShopRadioCast

We Don't Need to Whisper is the debut studio album by the American rock band Angels & Airwaves. Recorded at Neverpants Ranch in San Diego, California and produced by guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, the album was originally released on May 23, 2006 through Geffen Records.

Vinyl Details
- 180 Gram double LP witih D Side Etching
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- High Gloss Gatefold jacket, 11 x 22 Insert

Vinyl Color: 
180 Gram Translucent Purple (LTD 500)
180 Gram Translucent Purple Disc A/B, 180 Gram Translucent Pink Disc C/D (LTD 1,000)

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A Place To Bury Strangers New Release 'Transfixiation' Pre-Order 

"That's the most intense fear and feeling - when you go to a show and you're actually scared," says Oliver Ackermann, guitarist and frontman of Brooklyn trio A Place To Bury Strangers.

"Or you can palpably feel the danger in the music," adds bassit Dion Lunadon, "Like it's going to fall apart at any moment and the players doing it are so in the moment they don't give a shit about anything else. They're just going for it. It's a gutter kinda vibe; everything about it is icky and evil and dangerous."

The same could be said the band's fourth album, Transfixiation. Rather than fixate on the minute details like they may have done in the past, the group, rounded out by drummer Robi Gonzalez, trust their instincts and try to keep things as pure as possible. Music is much more exhilarating when it's unpredictable even on repeat plays, and this is very much an unpredictable record. Gonzalez makes his recording debut with the band here, and it's obvious that he's helped pushed the band's recordings closer to the level of their infamous live shows.

"The one thing we have in common is this fire when we're playing," adds Gonzalez. "I don't know; it's real intense."

Release Date: 2-17-2015

Pre-Order HERE


from LightInTheAttic

Howard Eynon 'So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam' Vinyl Reissue Available Via LightInTheAttic

The second release from Earth Recordings is the one and only album from the virtually unknown Australian singer HOWARD EYNON, now to be reissued 40 years after it’s original release.

So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam (note no apostrophe) is a bizarre and wonderful acid folk treasure in the vein of wild-eyed geniuses such as Syd Barret, Kevin Ayers, Neil Innes or Nick Drake, although perhaps even more beautiful and mysterious. It’s certainly more unusual, with its colloquial lyrics, acerbic wit and Howard’s Anglo-Australian accented singing voice.’.

Howard Eynon was born in the small market town of St Ives, Cambridgeshire and then moved to Chichester. When he was eleven, his family moved to rural Tasmania. Settling on a dairy farm in the small town of Deloraine, Howard grew up milking cows, driving tractors, riding horses and blowing up tree stumps with gelignite and would often spend days on end in the bush without seeing another living soul.

At 17 he left the farm on his motorcycle and made his way to Melbourne to pursue a career in acting. He worked mostly in theatre and joined various theatrical repertory companies. He found himself in all kinds of small parts for local Aussie dramas such as The Sullivans. Later, he made notable small appearances in both the original Mad Max (1979) and as one of the horse riders in The Man from Snowy River (1982).

Throughout this time he continued to play music. In 1971 he had won the Grand Final of Australian New Faces and became a much-loved solo artist in Tasmania, playing many shows and toured with great artists such as Hunter S Thompson. Whilst a member of the Tasmania Theatre Company, he was asked to write and record a guitar piece for a play, which lead him to Spectangle in Hobart, Tasmania where he met Nick Armstrong, who invited him to record a full-length album.

Recording took three months and Howard was joined by a host of amazing local players and utilising Violin, Mellotron, Flute, Synths, French Horns, Double Bass, Piano and more to capture a dozen quirky and addictive tracks that would become one of Australia’s most interesting albums of the 1970’s. It was originally released in 1974 by Basket/Candle Records but has been out of print ever since. The record ranks amongst the rarest and most sought after acid folk private pressings.

Not much was known of his whereabouts or activities beyond the early 1980s.

‘So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam’ is a bold and madcap record on a par with Paul McCartney’s Ram. The evocative lyrics take in everything from political commentary, to anti-authoritarian jabs, to bright homely humour and deep descriptive stories.

This daffy folksy psychedelic ramble full of tall tales, delightfully quirky melodies, hilarious lyrics and marvelous wordplay, risqué irreverence and beguiling lapses into musical frippery, has not only stood the test of time, but completely and utterly blown it away.

Order at LightInTheAttic


The Melvins Resurrect Early Material for New Vinyl Reissues


Chavez's 'Gone Glimmering' and 'Ride the Fader' Celebrated with Vinyl Reissues


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Inside the vinyl revival: Facts, fiction and rock 'n' roll


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Polyvinyl set to release Vol. 2 of 4-Track Singles Series


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Vinyl Records Come Full Circle


Vinyl records refuse to fade out


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Daniel Huffman's Vinyl Records are One-of-a-Kind Works of Art [VIDEO]


Shiny Happy Records: R.E.M.'s Peter Buck Talks '7IN— 83-88' and 'REMTV' Reissues


Amazon Best Sellers in CDs & Vinyl

1. That's Christmas To Me ~ Pentatonix
2. 1989 ~ Taylor Swift
3. Ptxmas ~ Pentatonix
4. Disney's Karaoke Series: Frozen ~ Disney Karaoke Series
5. The Endless River (Deluxe CD\ Blu-ray) ~ Pink Floyd
6. Man Against Machine ~ Garth Brooks
7. Partners ~ Barbra Streisand
8. It's The Girls ~ Bette Midler
9. Sonic Highways ~ Foo Fighters
10. Christmas at Downton Abbey (2CD) ~ Various


album cover art of the day:

New Album "Death Kult Legions" Announced By Revel In Flesh

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Music Releases - November 18, 2014

ABBA - ABBA Gold (40th anniversary) (reissue)
Adaliah - Shedding Skin
Albert Collins - Funky Blues: Live 1973
Allo Darlin' - We Come from the Same Place
Anawan - Anawan
Andy Stott - Faith in Strangers
Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire for No Witness
Angels & Airwaves - Love Album Parts One & Two (reissue)
Ariel Pink - pom pom
Belly - Star (reissue)
Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were
Black Taxi - Electroshock Death Grip
Bloodbath - Breeding Death (reissue) (vinyl)
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral
Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh (reissue) (vinyl)
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage (reissue) (vinyl)
Blown Out - Drifting Way Out Between Suns
Brian Eno - Neroli (reissue)
Brian Eno - Nerve Net (reissue)
Brian Eno - The Drop (reissue)
Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly (reissue)
Bruce Springsteen - The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984
Bryan Ferry - Avonmore
Buzzcocks - The Way
Captain Beefheart - Sun, Zoom, Spark: 1970 to 1972
Carmine Appice / Vinny Appice - Drum Wars Live!
Chris Rea - Whatever Happened to Benny Santini
Christian Death - The Iron Mask
Chrome - Blood on the Moon (reissue)
Chrome - Chrome Box (reissue)
Chrome - Red Exposure (reissue)
Citizen Kay - Demokracy
David Bowie - Nothing Has Changed (2CD)
David Crosby - Croz
David Johansen - David Johansen (limited edition) (reissue)
Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes (reissue)
Deep Purple - Battle Rages On (limited edition) (reissue)
Defeat the Low - A Nervous Smile
Depeche Mode - Live in Berlin (2CD)
Diarrhea Planet - Aliens in the Outfield
Dionne Warwick - Finder of Lost Loves
Dionne Warwick - How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
Dionne Warwick - No Night So Long
Drive-By Truckers - English Oceans
Dwight Twilly - Always
Emmylou Harris - Songbird: Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems (4CD)
Ex-Breathers / Ovlov / Woozy / Gnarwhal - Split (7")
Exit Verse - Exit Verse
Foghat - Drivin Wheels: Best of 1972-1982
Fred Frith / John Butcher - The Natural Order
frYars - Power
Fugazi - First Demo (reissue)
Genesis - Foxtrot (2008 Mixes)
Genesis - Nursery Cryme (2008 Remixes)
Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (2008 Mixes)
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (2CD) (2008 Mixes)
Gentle Giant - Live at the Bicentennial
Graze - Soft Gamma Repeater
Heiress - Of Great Sorrow
Helix - Long Way to Heaven
Henri Mancini - The Classic Soundtrack Collection
In This Moment - Black Widow
Issues - Issues / Diamond Dreams (deluxe edition)
Ithaca - A Game for All Who Know
John Prine - Angels From Montgomery: 4 Essential Albums
Johnny Mathis - The Complete Global Albums Collection - Box Set
Jones Girls - On Target
King Of Cats - Working Out
Kinks - The Anthology 1964 - 1971 (5CD Box Set)
L.A. Guns - Live in Boston 1989
Lisa Stansfield - Affection
Lisa Stansfield - Face Up: Deluxe
Lisa Stansfield - Lisa Stansfield: Deluxe
Lisa Stansfield - People Hold on the Remix Anthology
Lisa Stansfield - Real Love: Deluxe
Lisa Stansfield - So Natural: Deluxe
Loscil - Sea Island
Machinedrum - Vapor City Archives
Manchester Orchestra - Hope
Manhattans - After Midnight (expanded edition)
Manhattans - There's No Good In Goodbye (expanded edition)
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Tell Me More About Evil (vinyl)
Meligrove Band - Bones Of Things
Monster Magnet - Milking The Stars: A Reimagining Of Last Patrol
Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes (reissue)
Mr. Oizo - The Church
Murder City Devils - White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again
Nickelback - No Fixed Address
Old '97's - Hitchhike To Rhome (2-CD)
One Direction - Four
Otis Taylor - Otis Taylor Collection
P.O.D. - So Cal Sessions
Pattie Brooks - Love Shook & Our Ms Brooks
Paul Smith And Peter Brewis - Frozen By Sight
Peter, Paul & Mary - Discovered: Live In Concert
Pink Avalanche - The Luminous Heart Of Nowhere
R.F.C. - The Outsiders
Rare Earth - Live in Chicago
Raspberry Bulbs - Privacy
Redbone - Message From A Drum
Rhyton - Kykeon
Rich Robinson - Woodstock Sessions 3
Robert Wyatt - Different Every Time
Rollins Band - Life Time (reissue)
Rollling Stones - From the Vault: L.A. Forum (vinyl)
Sam Llanas - Whole Night Thru
Savages & Bo Ningen - Words To The Blind
Semicircle - Blown Breeze, Grown Grass and We Are Part of the Earth
Simon & Garfunkel - Complete Albums Collection
Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica Revisited (15th anniversary edition)
Soulburn - The Suffocating Darkness
Syreeta - Set My Love in Motion
Teengirl Fantasy - Thermal EP
Thanatos - Global Purification
The Amity Affliction - Youngbloods (reissue)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Zim Zam Zim
The Dickies - 1977/1982: A Night That Will Live In Infamy - City Gardens 1982
The Dickies - Live When They Were Five: City Gardens
The Ghost Inside - Dear Youth
The Memories - Hot Afternoon
The Pretty Things - The Pretty Things (reissue)
The Saints - King of the Sun/King of the Midnight Sun
The Vibrators - Punk Mania: Back to the Roots
The Wolfhounds - Unseen Ripples from a Pebble
These Are They - At the Feast of Seven Funerals
Threshold - For The Journey
Tragically Hip - Tragically Hip - Fully Completely (vinyl)
Trisha Yearwood - PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit
TV on the Radio - Seeds
Ty Segall - $ingle$ 2
Tyga - The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty
Various Artists - Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of 1959
Various Artists - Girls With Guitars
Various Artists - Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6
Various Artists - The Art of McCartney (3 LP)
Various Artists - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 OST
Various Artists - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume Two (1928-1932)
Various Artists - While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records
Warsawwasraw - Sensitizer
When Cities Sleep - What Lies Lay Between Us
While Heaven Wept - Suspended At Aphelion
Wilco - Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014 (4-CD)
Wilco - What's Your 20? Essential Tracks 1994-2014 (2-CD)
William Onyeabor - Box Set (reissue)
Willow - Plastic Heaven
Yes - Union Live

Vinyl Record News & Music Notes

available from our friends at NewOnVinyl


Sixteen Stone is the debut album of British rock band Bush, released in 1994. Widely regarded as the band’s most popular album, it peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and boasted numerous successful singles. “Comedown” and “Glycerine” remain two of the band’s biggest hits to date, each reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Both tracks also entered the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 30 and No. 28, respectively.

Sixteen Stone received mostly positive feedback from music critics, calling their sound impressive, not unlike their Seattle Grunge counterparts. In later years Bush would distance themselves from the familiar Grunge sounds with experimental releases such as Deconstructed and The Science Of Things.

In April 2014 Rolling Stone placed the album at No. 39 on its “1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year” list. A month later, Loudwire placed Sixteen Stone at number eight on its “10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 1994” list. In July 2014, Guitar World placed the album on its “Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994” list.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Gatefold sleeve + insert
20th Anniversary Edition with Remastered Audio
First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on copper Colored vinyl

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Original artwork by Nick Percival Booklet contains liner notes by composer Perry Botkin, Co-executive Producer Scott Schneid & writer Michael Hickey and also features a host of original reviews including many newspaper clips calling for the film to be banned upon its original release in 1984. Death Waltz Recording Co. may be home to some of the scariest music around, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t get into the Christmas spirit now and again.

In that tradition, here’s our idea of Xmas cheer as we present the release of Perry Botkin’s jolly old score to the controversial 1984 slasher SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. Composer Botkin is no slouch in the recording world, arranging for Bobby Darin, Harry Nilsson, & Barbra Streisand. His score is both chaotic and tragic; crashing sounds of distorted percussion are punctuated by both synth and acoustic piano, reflecting the sheer damage that has been done to Billy’s mind.

The end result is both emotional and terrifying, even more so with the selection of original Christmas songs as composed by Morgan Ames that are spread amongst the film’s soundtrack. But a word of caution: If you don’t have SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT on the turntable this Christmas we’ll have to tell Billy that you’ve been… naughty. Consider yourselves warned.

DISC 1: Silent Night, Deadly night by Perry Botkin. On transparant Green vinyl.
Disc 2: Silent Night Deadly Night original motion picture songs by Morgan Aimes. On transparant Red.

Order at NewOnVinyl


Death Waltz Recording Company are overjoyed to bring you a bit of early Christmas spirit in the form of the score to the classic 1980 yuletide slasher movie CHRISTMAS EVIL. When young Harry sees his mother being seen to on Christmas night by Santa Claus, it causes a shockwave that starts to convince him that he is Father Christmas. Grown up, Harry makes toys for children and spies on neighbourhood kids, checking if they really are naughty or nice, and violently dismembering anyone who gets in his way, be it churchgoers or co-workers.

The music of CHRISTMAS EVIL is composed by the trio of Don Christenson, Joel Harris, and Julia Heywood, who created a score both menacing and upbeat, with tunes in the Christmas tradition. Like many horror soundtracks of the era, synthesisers dominate, with melodies similar to John Carpenter’s legendary HALLOWEEN, only in a happier and more deranged fashion. Wild and swirling synths acts as a window into the mind of Harry and what seems to be a nervous breakdown, and a menacing mix of foreboding notes and seasonal bells, all leading up to the ending that’s frankly crackers.

'Christmas Evil' a single LP on Pearlescent white. Includes sleeve-notes from writer/director Lewis Jackson and John Waters.

Order at NewOnVinyl


Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert Vinyl Pressing From AudioFidelity

historic live appearance coming soon

Other than one appearance in August 1971 at George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh, Eric Clapton had not been heard from until Pete Townshend coaxed him to headline a concert appearance. The show was scheduled for January 13, 1973 at London's Rainbow Theatre. An all-star band was assembled for the show and in addition to Townshend the other English rock luminaries included Clapton's old Blind Faith pals, Steve Winwood and Rick Grech, Winwood's Traffic mate Jim Capaldi, Ron Wood, Jimmy Karstein and Rebop Kwaku Baah. It was an ensemble effort but the show demonstrated that the reclusive Clapton, nursing a heroin addiction, could still play, and that was welcome news.

If the classic Derek and the Dominos' In Concert album shows Clapton on the upswing, then Rainbow Concert explores the lower reaches of his psyche. The Rainbow performance was his attempt at starting all over again and coming out of isolation to return to his music. Upon listeing to Rainbow Concert it becomes clear just how much the concert helped to reenergize him. The concert at London's Rainbow Theatre stands as the beginning of Eric Clapton's return to the stage.

Rainbow Concert is a recording of monolithic melancholy, the music is rich in its make-up and sad in tone. Townshend's and Wood's guitars and Winwood's organ surround Clapton in a protective aural capsule, but he cuts loose as much as his setting allows in "Badge," and he's solid for most of the show.  The album's excitement comes from the layered instrumental textures, the solemn measured movement into climaxes that are majestic if not explosive, and the nuances of Clapton's restrained playing and singing in a suitably course and bluesy voice.

In addition to "Badge," written by Clapton and George Harrison and covers such as J.J. Cale's "After Midnight" and a very soulful rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing," Steve Winwood steps back as lead vocalist in Eric Clapton's favor for Blind Faith's "Presence of the Lord" and Traffic's "Pearly Queen."

TRACKS: Original 1973 release
Side One
Badge (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) – 3:32
Roll It Over (Clapton, Bobby Whitlock) – 6:43
Presence of the Lord (Clapton) – 5:37

Side Two
Pearly Queen (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood) – 7:00
After Midnight (J. J. Cale) – 5:12
Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) – 6:32

Producer Bob Pridden
Mastered for this vinyl release by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio


Divorcee Self Titled LP Available Via JoyfulNoise

Introducing: Divorcee, the new project from Yoni Wolf and his ex-girlfriend Anna Stewart. With their self-titled debut EP, the WHY? frontman steps out of the spotlight to craft all the music himself, while Stewart sets her brutally honest lyrics to each song.

The six song EP chronicles Stewart's relationships with men, and is at times a podium for her to proclaim her own perspective about her former relationship with Yoni, a subject well-documented through previous WHY? songs (most notably on the album "Alopecia"). She recounts her relationship anxieties with gut-wrenching honesty and an endearing, confident tone, revealing the feminine counterpoint to WHY? songs like "Good Friday" & "The Hollows". Her lyrics are impactful, unsettling, and sometimes quite deprecating toward her former lover / new bandmate.

Avid WHY? fans will notice familiar sonic elements within Divorcee, but this collaboration has also pulled something entirely new and interesting from Yoni. Divorcee emerges as a cathartic yet playful, lo-fi musical celebration of the depths and heights of a failed relationship and the masochistic yet therapeutic reflection that can happen when the participants remain friends.

red velvet splatter vinyl, limited to 400 hand-numbered copies, includes instant MP3 & WAV download of the full album)

Order at JoyfulNoiseRecordings


mondo has some amazing die cut batman vinyl, shipping in early 2015!

Batman: The Animated Series Die-Cut 12" Single (Pre-Order) By Danny Elfman

Batman: The Animated Series Die-Cut 12" Single featuring Main Titles & End Credits from the television show, housed in an incredible gatefold jacket designed by Phantom City Creative, and pressed on Black and Black with Gray Splatter vinyl.

Pre-Order at Mondo

also available from mondo:

Pet Sematary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Elliot Goldenthal 

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Pet Sematary, which was originally released in April 1989. This is the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack to date, featuring over a dozen bonus tracks never before released on Vinyl. Also includes "Pet Sematary," and "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" by The Ramones.

2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl & Randomly Inserted Translucent Green/Blue Vinyl with Black Haze.

Order at Mondo


Owen 'Other People's Songs' Pre-Order

Mike Kinsella has spent nearly his entire life (give or take those first 12 years or so) playing with some of the most influential bands of the last couple decades. Indeed, an entire generation of musicians is indebted to his time in groups including Cap'n Jazz, American Football, and Owls.

After each of those bands dissolved for one reason or another, Kinsella took to recording under the pseudonym Owen and has slowly and steadily built up a solid catalog of releases under this solo project.

Which brings us to the aptly named Other People's Songs, a collection of eight covers that Kinsella recorded this spring in Chicago with trusted producer Neil Strauch.

At first glance, the list of the rock and punk artists whose tracks Kinsella tackled -- among them Against Me!, Depeche Mode, The Promise Ring, and Lungfish -- might seem at odds with the often quieter, lushly arranged music he releases under the Owen moniker.

Release Date: Dec 2, 2014

Pre-Order at PolyvinylRecords

The Dodos 'Individ' Pre-Order 

For the Dodos "the best time to make a record is right after you've finished one" says vocalist and guitarist Meric Long.

Having just wrapped up the sessions for their previous record Carrier, and fired up on the level of comfort achieved with brothers Jay and Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone studio, the duo immediately began laying to tape the batch of songs that would result in their latest and sixth record, entitled Individ.

"There were things I didn't want to forget, sounds that we had just scratched the surface of making that record that I wanted to capitalize on. Songs came together easily, there was not a lot of questioning, just moving ahead with the feeling that we were on the right track. We were freed up to do whatever came naturally" says Long.

And for the Dodos, their natural inclination is to create music that sounds positively epic.

Available om 180-Gram Red Vinyl or Orange (Early Bird Edition) - Limited to 600

In stores: January 27th

Pre-Order at PolyvinylRecords


Badly Drawn Boy 'The Hour Of Bewilderbeast'

Available for the first time on vinyl.

What has the field of lo-fi slacker pop come to when faced by an LP as ambitious and entertaining as Badly Drawn Boy’s The Hour of Bewilderbeast?

Despite all attempts to sabotage his songwriting and production with innumerable experimental tidbits, songs within a song, and (seemingly) tossed-off arrangements, Damon Gough has to face the fact that he wrote and produced over a dozen ex- cellent songs of baroque folk-pop for his album debut, and the many gems can’t help but shine through all the self-indulgence.

The sprightly orchestration for cello and trumpet (Gough’s own) that begin the album are eventually taken over by the sparse guitar pickings and wistful folky sunshine of “The Shining,” which veers into the skewed slide guitar and ominous tone of “Everybody’s Stalking.” Gough rarely pauses for breath (even when he’s doing a ballad) or follows any traditional sense of album flow, but after a listen or two, The Hour of Bewilderbeast is revealed as a shambling masterpiece of a pop album.

Most of these songs are Gough’s entirely (he plays as many as eight instruments), with occasional help from friends like Twist- ed Nerve co-labelhead Andy Votel and assorted drummers for accompaniment. His songwriting is great, but Gough’s twisted sense of humor helps the album shine as well, as on “Fall in a River,” where the down-a-lazy-river feel carries through to the point where not just Gough but the entire production is sub- merged with a splash and attendant warping of the sound.

The Hour of Bewilderbeast surely isn’t a traditional pop album, but a continually beguiling trip through lo-fi postmodern folk that draws as much from Harry Nilsson as Beck.

Order at XLRecordings


great feature from the folks at

The Coolest Vinyl Releases of All Time


from the great state of louisiana

Vinyl records appeal growing


great write up about third man records

Record store marches to beat of its own hum


for shits and giggles:

Creating a Complete and Balanced Breakfast with Album Covers